Rigby Slowcum (mikE), a rebellious and sarcastic twenty-five-year-old boy, is at war with the trifling wanker of "William Simons" he was forced to live above all last year. With a transvestite father (aka "Pops"), a self-absorbed, distant mother (actually on a mission to Mars, so give her some credit here), and a puppy-like young andrex dog big sister(?) (Helen), Rigby figures there must be a better life out there - and sets about ordering it from Tesco.com.

Happily flunking out of yet another DPhil tute, Rigby is sent off to a painting academy in the dreaded Midlands. With the aid of his mother's pilfered credit card, he goes on the lam (que?). His darkly comedic voyage eventually lands him in Grimsby, where he hides out at his godfather's (Leo) weekend pied-a-terre. There he encounters a cast of deviant characters, including his godfather's freaky greeky girlfriend (Captain F) and the intermittantly bored Sookie Sapperstein (Gail H). In his quest to free himself from the oppressive dysfunction of his sex life, Rigby's struggles veer from the comic to the tragic in an ultimately noble attempt to keep himself from "going down on her (or him) [sic]."
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